Pasture raised goat, beef, port and chickens

natural, pasture raised beef

What Customers are Saying About Our Pastured Beef

Pasture raised beef

Grass fed beef is leaner and healthier.

"I've never tasted more delicious beef than what we get from Goat Garden." Helen H., Wayne, NE.

"The steaks are always juicy and tender (and the ground beef is just as delicious)." Andy G., Omaha, NE.

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What's the Benefit of Pasture Raised Beef?

For one thing, it's healthier for the animals, healthier for the producer (us) and healthier for the consumer (you). Oops, I guess that is three things.

Nothing could be healthier for cattle than living their entire life on lush, open pastures. And while raising pasture fed cattle is expensive and time consuming, at Goat Garden we think it's well worth it.

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