Pasture raised goat, beef, port and chickens

free range, pasture raised chickens

What Customers are Saying About Our Free Range, Pasture Raised Chickens

Free range, pasture raised chickens

Don't forget the farm-fresh Goat Garden eggs.

"I was so surprised to see the deep beautiful gold of the yolks! The shells were strong and those were some of the best tasting eggs we've ever eaten! We can't wait to get another dozen the next time we're down!" Linda W., Littleton, ME

"I'm a person who just never liked eggs. Yours, however, are delicious and I'm enjoying them regularly." Brigit B., Marysville, MO

"How cool that your eggs come from free range chickens rather than a factory. I love serving your healthy foods to my family." Martin M., Fremeont, NE

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What's the Benefit of Free Range Chickens?

For one thing, it's healthier for the animals, healthier for the producer (us) and healthier for the consumer (you). Oops, I guess that is three things.

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